“Just the Facts Ma’am” on SSI

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a federal program managed by Social Security and funded by the U.S. Treasury’s general fund instead of the general Social Security Taxes. The program is intended to provide financial assistance in monthly payments to disabled people with limited income, earnings or property.

Our legal team can help you navigate the complicated bureaucracy of both federal and state governments to ensure your best chance of being approved for your SSI disability benefits.

Have you or a loved one been turned down for SSI benefits?

Filing for SSI is a long process, which is why you should file for your benefits as soon as possible. A judge may grant back pay of benefits depending on your case and condition, but that is not always the case. Studies show that candidates for SSI who have an attorney familiar with the SSI procedures, set forth by Social Security have a greater possibility of application acceptance. Typically, less than half of all applications filed are approved in the initial stages and less than a quarter of claims sent back for reconsideration are approved at the hearing stage.  Our expert SSI Attorneys can review your case and advise the best course of action to get your claim approved.

SSI is available for persons that are:
• 65 years-of-age or older
• Totally or partially blind
• Unable to work due to a medical condition
• Disabled and their condition is expected to end in death
• Under the age of 18 and disabled
• Disabled children under the age of 18 can qualify if the parents earn less than the limit set by Social Security. The requirements for disabled children are similar to the requirements for disabled adults

The requirements for SSI benefit qualification include:

• The individual must be either unemployed or earning less than the limit amount.

• The individual must suffer from a physical and/or mental condition that severely limits his/her abilities and/or activities.
• This condition must last over 12 months or lead to death.
Affleck and Gordon’s SSI Attorneys can help you deal with SSI’s complex appeal process and forms and help you get your life back sooner.  Call us today at 404-373-1649.

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