5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Filing for Social Security Disability

1. Not Hiring an Attorney. Assuming you can go it alone or can’t afford an attorney. Get help from an attorney and don’t wait until the month, the week, the day before the hearing to call a lawyer or your hearing will have to be postponed and reset. Even if you do wait until the last minute, do call an attorney to help you. When you go to the hearing without an attorney the judge will strongly suggest you need an attorney. You might as well get a head start by start calling for an attorney today.

2. Not Appealing Your Denial. Appeal, appeal, appeal each and every denial. And make sure you appeal it timely. You have 60 days plus 5 days mailing time to appeal the denial. You also need to check the status of your claim by calling Social Security as too many claims get lost in the system. If you don’t check the status periodically, you may miss the deadline to appeal. Do keep checking with Social Security on the status of your claim, and don’t forget to keep appealing each and every denial.

3. Not Taking Your Doctor’s Advice. Your doctor tells you, “take your medication and return in 3 months.” It’s a mistake not to take your doctor’s advice, as you can’t get social security disability unless you show continuous and consistent medical treatment. However, you don’t have any money coming in and you can’t afford the doctor’s visits and the medications. You feel as if you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. You’re going to have to use free or low cost medical clinics available in your community. If you have a mental impairment, contact your county mental health department. If you have a physical impairment, go online and check out charitable clinics listed on the website at http://charitablecarenetwork.com/resources/find-a-clinic/ Please also review the website’s guidelines in order to use one of their charitable clinics and don’t forget to contact the clinic directly before going to the clinic.

4. Not Including Your Mental Impairments. You need to list ALL your severe impairments including your mental impairments as well as your physical impairments on your application. Not including your mental impairments such as depression or panic attacks may be the key element to winning your disability claim, as your physical impairments may still allow you to hold down a sit-down job but your depression and panic attacks prevented you from holding down sit-down jobs that you could do.

5. Not Going to Social Security’s Medical Exam. When Social Security sends you a notice to attend a medical appointment, it’s a good sign. By sending you to a medical exam, Social Security is telling you that you may have a valid claim and some medical information is missing from your own doctor’s records. You will want to be on time for the doctor’s appointment. If you know you are unable to attend the appointment due to a scheduling conflict, you will need to notify Social Security as far in advance as possible so the appointment may be rescheduled. If you don’t show up, it’s a red flag to the adjudicator and it’s likely that the appointment won’t be rescheduled and your claim will likely be delayed and then denied.

Remember, even if you have been turned down for social security disability benefits, you may still be eligible. Contact our experienced law team at Affleck & Gordon today. We can help.

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