AJC Claims Social Security Administration is Reducing Staff

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Recently Chris Joiner wrote in the Atlanta Journal Constitution that the Social Security Administration is facing a reduction in staffing at the same time that there are more and more people filing claims for disability benefits. He quoted a Judge as saying that SSA does not act like this is a crisis BUT it IS a CRISIS.
A person who applies for SSA disability benefits today is likely to wait 2 and a half to 3 years for a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge. Meanwhile that person is not working, is sick or injured, has a hard time seeing a doctor and is relying on friends and family.

We can help. Although we cannot speed up the system, we can help you strengthen your claim. Medical evidence which documents your conditions and the functional problems that you are having is vital to your claim. We will help you develop this evidence.

SSA has Listings of impairments which may support your case. We can help you identify and apply the Listing which describes your condition.
If you are facing foreclosure, utility shut off, eviction or some other situations, we can request that your case be expedited. Social Security puts all the burden on you to establish your case. We can help.

Written by Judy Bloom

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