Workers Compensation Lawyers

5 Red Flags to Know It’s Time to Hire a Workers Comp Lawyer

Workers Compensation Lawyers - Red Flags
Workers Compensation Lawyers – Red Flags

1. Your claim or even a part of your claim is denied by the adjuster
2. Your injury is serious and you need surgery
3. You may not need surgery but you have permanent work restrictions
4. Your employer is treating you differently or is intimidating or threatening you
5. You feel overwhelmed with the process and need someone with experience and know-how to deal with the adjuster and employer

No Fee Unless You Win

Don’t worry about having to pay an attorney fee because you don’t pay unless we win your case and recover income benefits for you or ultimately settle the claim.

If you are already receiving income benefits, we don’t take part of your check (a fee) unless you settle or your income benefits are stopped and we are successful in getting your income benefits reinstated.

Affleck & Gordon’s Workers Compensation Lawyers have helped many injured workers who are receiving income benefits with getting therapy approved, mileage reimbursed or yardwork and housekeeping services authorized, and we can help you to understand the process, make sure you receive the best possible medical treatment, receive your medical and income benefits timely and discuss the risks and rewards of having your benefits paid out, pursuing catastrophic designation, or a final settlement.

Don’t Wait and Jeopardize Your Benefits and Potential Settlement!

Call Affleck & Gordon’s Workers Compensation Lawyers Today by completing our Free Case Evaluation Form.

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