Or Maybe It Was The Ice Cream…

Happy Thoughts & Happy Days
Happy Thoughts & Happy Days

Each day I start work I flip the page to my happy thoughts calendar called “365 Happy Days! A happy thought for every day.” Sometimes it’s a famous quote or a little bit of a poem or just a happy thought that puts a smile on your face and helps you start the day out right. I just turned over the page in my happy thoughts calendar and I thought I’d share this thought with you:

“Take time out to think about an enjoyable occasion from your childhood – a birthday party or a trip to the zoo or making sandcastles on the beach. For a few moments let yourself be that child again.”

Now think back. Take a journey with me. What is your favorite childhood memory?

First I thought about birthday parties. I never had a birthday party when I was a kid. I think it was because my birthday is in August and I couldn’t hand invitations to my classmates since school was not in session. I should add that I did eventually have a birthday party when I was 18 years old. It was a surprise party at my aunt’s house. I thought my best friend and I were going to the lake and my mom asked me to drop something off at my Aunt Martha’s house. Surprise!

But before I stray off topic it got me to thinking about all the times when I was young my family went swimming at the lake on the weekend. We’d take a day trip on a Saturday to Atwood Lake or Tappan. Mostly we’d go to Atwood because it was closer. I remember from those summer lake trips that the days were hot and the lake was cool. We’d spend hours swimming and playing in the lake like a bunch of water babies. By the end of the day when the sun was setting and the earth was starting to cool and feel green again, we’d wrap up in big colorful sun-warmed beach towels and climb in the backseat of the green station wagon in our wet swimsuits and before we’d reach home we’d drive up to the local Dairy Queen and get a chocolate-vanilla swirl ice cream cone or a Cherry Misty Slush for the ride home. There was nothing like it to capture the feeling of a drowsy, tranquil happiness.

Before Summer ends make time for a beachside walk, a summer lake trip or float in your local YMCA pool. There is something magical about being near or in the water that makes you feel calmer, more relaxed and happier. Or maybe it was the ice cream.

By Marci McKenna

How to Take a Cheap Summer Vacation Within Your Limitations

As a kid, I looked forward to and counted down the days to summer vacation.  I’m from a small town in northeastern Ohio with a population of 16,000 . I spent my summers on my grandma and grandpa’s dairy farm running in the fields, jumping from the hay loft into a mound of hay and wading in the “crick” catching crayfish. My favorite part of summer though was when me and my 3 brothers, mom and dad would all pack up the family car and head “somewhere” on our family summer vacation. It was always a driving trip, 3 of us in back and 3 of us in front in an old sedan that I’d call the blue car or the white car because I never knew the make or model when I was a kid. My baby brother sat up front with my mom and dad and I’d sit in back in the middle with my 2 older brothers. I’d draw imaginary lines down the seat on both sides of me that my brothers couldn’t cross and of course they always crossed it, older brothers being who and what they are and getting their kicks out of pestering their younger sister. But those driving trips with the family were some of the best times and favorite memories that I will cherish forever. I remember one trip to Mammoth Cave, Kentucky and Lookout Mountain, Tennessee and another trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania and Egg Harbor, New Jersey that got interrupted by my baby brother’s measles and we never made it to New Jersey that year.

Summer vacation is just around the corner and got me nostalgic for those old family summer car trips.  It also got me to thinking that you have questions about whether you should travel while you have a pending claim and if you do travel if we have recommendations. Therefore, we at Affleck & Gordon advise that you check out the following website http://www.exploregeorgia.org/article/50-budget-friendly-travel-ideas-for-families for some inexpensive driving trips right here in the beautiful State of Georgia.

Reminder, please stay within your doctor’s limitations while you vacation. If you need to alternate sitting and standing then you will need to break up the drive time accordingly or have enough room to lie down so you are not sitting more than you are supposed to. Further, please avoid strenuous activities, if your doctor has you on sedentary limitations.

Have a great trip, drive safely and make some cherished family memories of your own this summer!


Marci W. McKenna