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Affleck and Gordon is The Atlanta Premier Law Firm for disability and injury cases. Our law firm started in 1977, and has since grown to multiple locations to serve Georgia in legal needs.

We have successfully represented thousands of claims in the State of Georgia. View the following Videos to see our collective Legal Team at work.

Worker's Compensation TV Commercial.
Social Security Disability TV Commercial.
CBS 46 - Cashing Living Checks
Couple cashes check received in mail - Now facing bankruptcy.
Social Security Disability, Workman’s Comp and Personal Injury Claims.
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TV Commercial WORKCOMPAUG1630H
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TV Commercial AGMARCH1610HD
Since 1977 – Thousands of Claims handled successfully.
Affleck and Gordon – Members of the National Organization of Social Security Representatives.
Alcoholics and Drug Addicts – Social Security Disability Benefits.
Chances of winning a reconsideration in a Social Security Disability Case in Georgia?
Benefits of SSDI over long-term disability insurance?
How to survive while waiting for SSD or SSI disability claim?
Why does Social Security turn down so many claims?
What happens after Social Security disability hearing has been denied?
Will a Vocational Expert be at my Social Security disability or SSI hearing?
List of impairments the Social Security considers?
What evidence is used to evaluate my disability claim?
What is the Social Security hearing like?
What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?
How long does the administrative law judge have to set a case date?